Publisher’s Notes

Alterations & Additions

Several Chapters should be added:

1. Author’s Statement
2. Introduction
3. Changes made from previous editions
4. [end] References page
5. Chapter on the 2017 Presidential Election of Donald Trump including notes on Sanders, Stein, Clinton, and Trump.
6. Chapter on the media and it’s peoples
7. Chapter on “Our Revolution” and the “Brand New Congress” including the people involved, which I call “Heroes of Democracy”
8. Chapter on the Psychology of the American People and the Voting Population.

Publishing Media and Distribution

1. Amazon & Creative Cloud
2. Amazon Electronic Books
3. Barnes & Nobel & Ingram Sparks
4. B&N Electronic Books
5. Online Course (Iris Jerkey)

INTRODUCTION [as if spoken by the author]

The idea of writing a book about Money and Politics came to me over a decade before writing the first edition to this book. I wanted a book that my own students could use and also be available to the masses of people in our American society that was in plain language that would make it understandable to everyone. The book should be appealing and rewarding as it should leave the reader with a sense of power and responsibility for their community. The book should be enlightening but hopeful, in the sense that the reader, with her or his newfound knowledge should feel obliged to take positive action in politics.

Demon Politics
Everything is Political
Politicians are People Too (Debatable)
The world stage
Our place in history