Peter Mathews Analyzes “Partnership to Rebuild America” and calls for a California Works Progress Administration

Peter Mathews on the David Cruz Show, KTLK AM 1150: (3/29/13) Mathews discusses President Obama’s jobs program and his “Partnership to Rebuild America” to encourage private sector investment. Mathews says California unemployment normally is higher than the rest of the country. He suggests the rate of unemployment figures are actually much higher than being officially reported, if you figure in other factors. Mathews suggests solutions to joblessness here in California following the President’s plan. Additionally, Mathews suggests we begin a CWPA (California Work Progress Administration) in the likeness of FDR’s WPA which helped pull the US out of the Great Depression. Mathews suggested creating a CSBA (California Small Business Administration) to make direct loans at low interest rates to talented California entrepreneurs and struggling small business people to help them survive and grow their businesses. Revenue would be acquired by closing unfair tax loopholes which exist only for big business, like offshore tax havens. Peter Mathews suggested government make low interest credit available to small businesses to help stimulate growth. Toll roads charge taxpayers twice.     [Listen]