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Al Jazeera | Sen. Sanders’ Single Payer Healthcare Gains Momentum, Trump Care Will Fail {165}

Sept.25,2017 | Peter Mathews predicts the defeat of Trump’s attempt to repeal Obamacare once again; Bernie Sanders’ Single Payer Medicare for All is gaining momentum, and that Republican Senators John McCain, Rand Paul, Susan Collins, and probably Lisa Murkowski will vote no on repeal, because of concerns of cuts in Medicaid.

CNN | Peter Mathews Explains Obama, Bush Critique of Trump; Examines Puerto Rico {164}

Sep.22,2017 | CNN – On CNN panel, Professor Peter Mathews evaluates President Obama’s and President Bush’s critiques of President Trump. Mathews also takes a look at General Kelly’s defense of Trump’s statement to wife of fallen soldier.

Sky News | Peter Mathews Tells Trump How to Avoid Nuclear War with North Korea {163}

Sept.21,2017 | Peter Mathews, Professor of Political Science and International Relations, makes rational, fact based suggestions to President Trump on how to step back from the brink of Nuclear War with North Korea. He discusses the Agreed Framework, a Dual Freeze of US-South Korea War Games and North Korea Nuclear Testing, a Signed Peace Treaty among the US, North Korea, and South Korea ending the Korean War, and more.

CNN | On CNN Peter Mathews Criticizes Trump’s UN Speech as Provocative and Demeaning {162 pt1}

Sept.19,2017 | CNN -(12:40am) Peter Mathews, Professor of Political Science and International Relations, criticized President Trump’s speech at the United Nations for breaking all convention and norms, demeaning the North Korean leader by calling him “Rocket Man” who “is on a suicide mission”, and slamming the Iran Nuclear Deal, which is backed by US Allies, most of the world, and the UN. Mathews says that Trump lost a golden opportunity to be a statesman and reduce tensions by offering something to the world and North Korea, by saying “We are willing to work to prevent a possible Nuclear War started by miscalculation.”

CNN | Citing Barbara Tuchman, Mathews Warns of WW 3, Through Miscalculation and Trump’s Fiery Rhetoric {161 pt2}

Sept.19,2017 | CNN – (1:20am) Peter Mathews, Professor of Political Science and International Relations, warns that President Trump’s threat to “totally destroy North Korea”, if forced to defend the United States or it’s allies, when added to his previous words: “North Korea best not make any more threats to the United States. They will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen …” has escalated the US-North Korea Crisis. Mathews says that the provocative actions and inflammatory rhetoric on both sides could lead to miscalculation, misunderstanding, and human error leading to an unintended war, possibly even a Nuclear War that nobody wants, as historian Barbara Tuchman brilliantly illustrates in her book, The Guns of August, regarding World War I. Mathews makes suggestions for diffusing the Crisis. He also urges President Trump to continue to accept the Iran Nuclear Deal, and to re-enter the US into the Paris Climate Agreement.

CNNi | Mathews Says Sanders’ and Warren’s Vision Should Guide the Democratic Party; Views Hillary’s Book {160 pt1}

Sept.16,2017 | CNNi – On CNN, Peter Mathews says that the Democratic Party should not avoid responsibility for Hillary’s loss to Trump by using some of the thoughts in Hillary Clinton’s new book “What Happened”. On the same day that Senator Bernie Sanders and fifteen Senate Democratic Co-sponsors of his Single-Payer Medicare for All Health Care Plan formally proposed it, Mathews says the Democratic Party could be re-invigorated by the Vision of Franklin Roosevelt and related Ideas of Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and others.

CNNi | Mathews Comments on Hillary’s Book, Bernie and Democratic Party, DACA, Spicer, SNL {159 pt2}

Sept.16,2017 | CNNi – Mathews looks at Hillary Clinton’s new book in which she blames Bernie Sanders, James Comey,, the Russians, White Women, White Men, and Herself for her stunning loss to Trump. Mathews notes that Clinton wants to continue playing a major role in the Democratic Party and American Politics, but not as a Presidential Candidate. Professor Mathews says that Senators Sanders, Warren and other Progressives are shaping the future of the Democratic Party by attempting to return it to its core values, partly based on Franklin Roosevelt’s Vision. Mathews also looks at how Trump’s, Schumer’s, and Pelosi’s “agreement” to legislate DACA is Splitting the Republican Party. Mathews jokes that fired White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer might find a job playing himself on Saturday Night Live!

On CNN Panel Peter Mathews Discusses Trump’s Political Legitimacy after Phoenix and Charlottesville {157 pt1}

August 23, 2017 | CNN – Phoenix Arizona Rally [Part 1] – On CNN Peter Mathews, Professor of Political Science and Sociology, looks at President Trump’s standing after the upheavals and controversies of the last several months. Mathews looks at Charlottesville, Nuclear Brinksmanship with North Korea, the aftermath of Trump’s speech and Rally in Phoenix, and related issues.

Mathews Critiques Trump’s Claim of Being Number One President in First 6 Months Accomplishments {156 pt2}

August 23, 2017 | CNN – Phoenix Arizona Rally [Part 2] – In segment two of CNN panel interview, Peter Mathews challenges President Trump’s claim of having accomplished more than any other President in the first six months of office. Mathews points out that Trump has not been able to sign any major legislation into law.

Peter Mathews Criticizes Trump’s Reluctance to Condemn White Supremacists, Anti-Semites, Nazis” {155}

August 17, 2017 | CNN International – ON CNN PETER MATHEWS CRITICIZES TRUMP’S RELUCTANCE TO CONDEMN WHITE SUPREMACISTS, ANTI-SEMITES, AND NAZIS IN CHARLOTTESVILLE. Peter Mathews, Professor of Political Science and Sociology, criticizes President Trump’s reluctance to condemn the White Supremacists’ actions in Charlottesville as Terrorism, which resulted in Terrorism, death and injury to Anti-Racist protesters, while immediately condemning the Terrorists’ reign of Terrorism, death and injury on people in Barcelona.

On KTLA 5 TV, Peter Mathews Analyzes Comey Testimony “Winners”/”Losers” {149 HOLD}

June 10, 2017 | KTLA channel 5 – On KTLA 5 Morning News, Peter Mathews looks at the intricacies and implications of former FBI Director James Comey’s Testimony at the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. Mathews, Professor of Political Science and Sociology, explains why he chose Comey, Senator Kamala Harris, and the FBI as having gained standing, and President Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions as having lost standing, as a result of the Senate Hearings.

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