The following topics were broadcast on KEIB-AM Los Angeles radio on June 21, 2014. David Cruz and Peter Mathews: [Listen] [Back to Home Page]

Start Time: 37:59

♦ U.S. Health Care Is the Worst in the Developed World
♦ Court Ruling Against Teacher Tenure Won’t Help Your Schoolchildren
♦ The Great Recession Knocks a Family out of the Middle Class
♦ Consumer Price Index Jumps 0.4% in May As Inflation Heats Up
♦ Corporations Scramble for Lowest Business Taxes by Shifting Income to Low Tax Countries
♦ Off Shoring Tax Loophole used by Apple, Inc. and others to avoid paying billions in U.S. Federal income taxes.

Start Time: 65:04

♦ War and Crisis in Iraq, the Disastrous U.S. Intervention in 2003 and the Danger of Intervention Today: 

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