Dollar Democracy -definition

Dollar-Democracy – defined by author and Professor of Political Science Peter Mathews in his 2014 book about how money affects politics titled Dollar Democracy: With Liberty and Justice for Some; How to Reclaim the American Dream for All, Mathews describes “Dollar Democracy” as “the millions and billions of dollars used by wealthy campaign donors and corporate lobbyists to legally buy influence over our members of Congress, which stops them from representing us, the 99%, and fighting for the American public interest.” Mathews said this reminds him of Will Roger’s quip, which seems quite appropriate, “We have the best Congress money can buy!”

…Not a Victimless Crime: Mathews expresses his beliefs regarding the powerful influence that wealthy special interest groups and elite corporate PACs have over American elections and policies made at the state and federal levels of American government. A life-long registered Democrat, Mathews writes from a Progressive-Populist perspective. He holds both the Democratic and Republican parties accountable. For example, he cites President Bill Clinton’s Jackson Hole, Wyoming holiday meeting with oil company executives. Mathews outlines subsequent major Administration compromises, including the opening of the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska for drilling by major oil corporations. Mathews points out that oil company interests contributed to both the Clinton-Gore campaign and the Democratic National Committee. In another account, Mathews cites concessions made during the George W. Bush administration, as energy corporations showered federal politicians with millions in campaign contributions. Coincidentally, energy companies and their lobbyists secured exclusive, private access to lawmakers including Vice-President Dick Cheney’s Energy Task Force which laid the foundation for the energy bill passed by Congress and signed by President Bush. Among other benefits, “the energy bill provided billions of dollars in corporate tax loopholes and subsidies to the wealthy oil, gas, and coal corporations.”

–source: Dollar Democracy… by Peter Mathews (2014). ISBN 9781496059734

[edited by Brett Covey, June 2014]

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