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1 Buying American Politics and Selling Out the American Dream [Exerpt] 1
⇒ To Tell you the Truth, You can keep your money 4
⇒ “We have the Best Politicians Money Can Buy” 6
⇒ Dollar Democracy is not a Victimless Crime 8
⇒ Even Some Public Interest Groups Have Been Infected by Dollar Democracy 20
⇒ My Inside View of American Politics and Dollar Democracy 22
⇒ Human Victims of Dollar Democracy 26
2 Jobs and the Economy: The Rich Are Getting Richer, the Poor Are Getting Poorer, and the Middle Class Is Disappearing  [Exerpt] 35
⇒ Human Faces of the Disappearing Middle Class 36
⇒ Most Politicans’ Campaign Money Comes from the Top 1% Whom They Serve Most of the Time 39
⇒ Public Education Is Defunded as the Need for an Educated Workforce Grows 44
⇒ China Projects Soft Power Around the World 45
⇒ NAFTA Helps Dismantle the American Middle Class 49
⇒ TPP is NAFTA on Steroids for the U.S. and Pacific Rim Nations 52
⇒ TTIP is NAFTA on Steroids for the U.S. and the European Union 53
⇒ Middle Class Race to the Bottom Is Caused by Corporate-Led Free Trade and Globalization with Low Wages 54
⇒ Free Trade, Not Fair Trade, Dismantles the Middle Class 58
3 Education: Dismantling Public Schools and Colleges for the 99% [Excerpt] 73
⇒ Rich Parent, Poor Parent: Inequality in American Education 73
⇒ Growing Income Gap in the U.S. Affects our Schools 79
⇒ Ronald Reagan Turned America Away from Franklin Roosevelt 86
⇒ $1.3 Trillion Student Debt and Lower Paying Jobs Are Crippling the Younger Generation 90
⇒ Politicians Dismantled California’s Master Plan and Tuition-free Education 91
⇒ For Profit Colleges Grow Through Fraud 95
⇒ America’s Advanced Industrial Competitors Provide Tuition-free Education 100
⇒ Germany’s Industrial Policy is Non-Existent in the U.S. 102
⇒ Vocational and Technical Education Was Dismantled in the U.S. 103
4 Health Care: Bandaging the Health Care System without Single-Payer [Excerpt] 105
⇒ In All Advanced Countries, Except the U.S., Health Care and Dental Care Are Human Rights Guaranteed by All, Lowering the Production Cost 107
⇒ The Affordable Care Act (Obamacare): A Small Step in the Right Direction, Without Single-Payer 110
5 Destroying Our Environment for Immediate Profits [Excerpt] 118
⇒ Air Pollution 118
⇒ Dollar Democracy Is Accelerating Climate Change (Climate Disruption) 127
⇒ Water Pollution 128
⇒ Corporate Agriculture (Agribusiness) Is a Leading Cause of Water Pollution in the U.S. 131
⇒ Oil and Gas Campaign Dollars, and Fracking 133
⇒ Fracking Is a Major Source of Water Pollution in America 133
⇒ Halliburton Corporation and Fracking 137
⇒ Legalized Bribery 138
6 Big Agribusiness, Pesticides and GMOs Sickening Our Food  [Excerpt] 140
⇒ Corporate Monopoly of Food and Agriculture 141
⇒ The Dangers of Genetically Modified (GMO) Foods 142
⇒ Influence of Agribusiness and Biotech Corporations Such as Monsanto, on Our Food and on the U.S. Government 143
7 The Great Recession: Wall Street Gets the Goldmine, Mainstreet Gets the Shaft [Excerpt] 158
⇒ Thousands of Americans Lose Their Homes and Jobs In the Great Recession 160
⇒ The Bi-partisan Dismantling of Glass-Steagall, the 2008 Wall Street Crash, and the Great Recession 164
⇒ Collateralized Debt Obiligations (CDOs), Predatory Lending, and the Wall Street Crash 171
⇒ The Government Bailout Gave Wall Street the Goldmine and Main Street the Shaft 175
8 Pentagon Waste, Fraud and Abuse; U.S. Intervention Abroad, and Globalization (Military-Industrial Complex Role) [Excerpt] 194
⇒ Pentagon’s Antiquated, Dysfunctional Accounting and Computer Systems Produce Waste, Fraud, and Abuse 202
⇒ F-35 Joint Strike Fighter: Historic $1.5 Trillion Disaster 204
⇒ The Littoral Combat Ship: Another Wasteful Boondoggle 224
⇒ The M1 Abrams Tank: Hundreds of Millions of Dollars Wasted on a Weapon the Military Doesn’t Want 229
⇒ Members of Congress and the Government Become Lobbyists by Going Through the Revolving Door 231
⇒ Military Generals Become Lobbyists by Going Through the Revolving Door 234
⇒ While Congress Lines the Pockets of the Military Contractors, the Pentagon Picks the Pockets of Our Soldiers 237
⇒ The Pentagon: The Only Government Department Not Subject to Full Audit 239
9 With Liberty and Justice for All: Taking Dollars out of Democracy; with Paul Wellstone’s Example, Clean Money Elections, and Move to Amend [Excerpt] 246
⇒ Before Clean Money Elections, Senator Paul Wellstone’s Clean Elections Legacy: People Power, Not Corporate Power 247
⇒ Maine’s Pioneering Clean Election System 255
⇒ Private Campaign Money in American Elections Thwarts the Constitution’s Requirement That Government “…promote the general Welfare….” 256
⇒ Arizona Was the First State to Elect a Clean Money Election Governor, Janet Napolitano 260
⇒ Some Support Among Elected Officials for Clean Money Elections 263
⇒ Clean Money Elections at the Federal Level: (HR 269) The Fair Elections Now Act 267
⇒ Move to Amend Coalition’s “We the People (28th) Amendment” to the U.S. Constitution 271
⇒ Corporations Are Not People, And Money Is Not Speech Under the First Amendment 273
ACTION PLAN: What is to be done? A peaceful revolution to restore the American Dream and make it a reality! 284
U.S. SENATORS AND U.S. REPRESENTATIVES (2015-2016) Contact Phone Numbers of Members of the 114th Congress 307

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