Dollar Democracy

A Note from the Author 
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A Note from the Author
Hopefully, The excerpts I have included from each chapter will spark your interest in this informative book. The topics listed in the Table of Contents provide the reader with enough incentive to explore further. This website is provided to readers, professor, students and activists as an aid in learning, networking with others, and organizing efforts. This is a handbook for students, the public, and political leaders on how to transform our country from Dollar Democracy to Real Democracy. This book can be used as a Critical Thinking and Public Policy Reader in Political Science classes such as U.S. Government and Politics, Public Policy, Political Theory, Political Economy, Campaigns and Elections, and other classes. It may also be applicable for some courses in Sociology, Economics, Philosophy, and Business. I am available to discuss the provocative data and ideas in my book, as I have done extensively in public forums, at activist organizations, and on some mass media venues such as the “Head-On” Radio Show on KEIB AM 1150. I am open to appearing on other TV and Radio venues. This is not just about selling books, but more importantly about getting the American public actively involved in transforming our government and society from a “Dollar Democracy” that serves the Top 1% to a Real Democracy that serves the 99% and the Common Good. For positive change to fully occur, “We the People” must be galvanized to participate in creating our own history that will provide social justice, economic justice, and environmental justice for our children and generations to come. This legacy is our moral and ethical obligation to ourselves, our country, and the world.Building a better world,
Peter Mathews

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  1. I’m listening to you on KPFA, and agree with what you are saying. I wrote an essay on these issues, and how to win with People Power by creating a True Democracy!

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