Head On! radio show with David Cruz and Peter Mathews – 141004

KEIB AM 1150 and iHeart radio with host David Cruz of the HEAD-ON radio program: October 4, 2014: Peter Mathews’ segment “Money and Politics”. Topics include:

  • Voters sour on Congress and the country’s direction
  • Job growth rebounds while wages lag
  • databases show doctors, hospitals, and pharmaceutical industries have financial ties
  • ::Financial Ties between doctors and big pharma seem ‘Conflict of Interest’
  • Health Insurance Industry spending millions to beat pro-consumer measures (in California)
  • Mortgage case strikes back against fraudulent lenders, including a Wells Fargo owned company
  • Conservative Economist tries to ‘wish away’ Income Inequality
  • Germany moves to Tuition Free education modeled after former California Pat Brown’s Master Plan for Higher Education.
  • The State of Tennessee is only U.S. state with similar Tuition Free Higher Education.
  • Ebola virus has already come to the U.S. with several outbreaks, including a Texas man. U.S. Department of Health officials and the nation’s hospitals appear woefully under-prepared and ignorant of the potential pandemic despite warnings.


MSN – Poll: Voters sour on Congress and the country’s direction. Democrats could lose the Senate majority. Lower voter turnout expected.

Online Wall Street Journal – Job growth rebounds while wages lag.

LA Times – Health Care Costs: Database show that doctors, hospitals, and pharmaceuticals have financial ties. Shows conflict of interest.

New York Times – Financial: Ties Between Doctors and Hospitals are Detailed

LA Times – Database shows $3.5 billion in industry ties to doctors, hospitals

LA Times – Health Care Costs: Health insurance industry spending millions to beat pro-consumer measures

LA Times – Economy: Mortgage case strikes back against fraudulent lenders

LA Times – Economy: Conservative economist tries to wish away income inequality.

ThinkProgress.org – Cost of Education: Germany moves to Tuition Free education.

KPFK Standing Up for Social and Economic Justice with Peter Mathews, ep2

KPFK SPECIAL PROGRAMMING | Riveting conversations with call in listeners and supporters of KPFK. Some of the topics discussed include: the unfair plight of adjunct (part-time) college instructors and professors; need for a living wage and increased minimum wage, environmental injustice; educational injustice K-12 through college and university; destruction of our food, water, air, and soil through the use of dangerous pesticides and GMOs, fracking, and underregulated and unregulated fossil fuel emissions; the outsourcing of middle class jobs by big corporations while they receive corporate welfare through tax loopholes and taxpayer subsidies from politicians in our government– the very same politicians whose campaigns are funded by big corporations, their owners and their lobbyists; and how to fix this through the 28th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, and Clean Money, publicly funded elections!

Listener Supported KPFK 90.7 FM Los Angeles, 98.7 FM Santa Barbara, 93.7 FM North San Diego, 99.5 FM Ridgecrest

Standing Up for Social Justice program credits:
Host: Peter Mathews
Producer: Alan Minsky
Co-Producer: Brett Covey
Audio Engineer: Gianna d’Angelo
Visuals Editor: Brett Covey

KPFK Standing Up for Social and Economic Justice with Peter Mathews, ep1

KPFK SPECIAL PROGRAMMING | Riviting conversations with four top leaders of our time:  Dr. Michael Parenti, Activist for Social Justice and renowned Author of “Waiting for Yesterday: Pages from a Street Kid’s Life”; David Cobb, spokesperson for the Move to Amend Coalition (introducing the 28th Amendment stating Corporations are Not People and Money is Not Free Speech [www.movetoamend.org]; ♦ Pamm Larry of Label GMOs, introducing a ballot requiring the labeling of GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms (food)) [www.labelGMOs.org]; with special mention to Mom’s Across America; and ♦ Pat Alviso of Military Families Speak Out [www.mfso.org]. With host Professor Peter Mathews [www.epetermathews.com].

The entire broadcast is located here:

Listener Supported KPFK 90.7 FM Los Angeles, 98.7 FM Santa Barbara, 93.7 FM North San Diego, 99.5 FM Ridgecrest

Standing Up for Social Justice program credits:
Host: Peter Mathews
Producer: Alan Minsky
Co-Producer: Brett Covey
Audio Engineer: Gianna d’Angelo
Visuals Editor: Brett Covey


The following topics were broadcast on KEIB-AM Los Angeles radio on June 21, 2014. David Cruz and Peter Mathews: [Listen] [Back to Home Page]

Start Time: 37:59

♦ U.S. Health Care Is the Worst in the Developed World
♦ Court Ruling Against Teacher Tenure Won’t Help Your Schoolchildren
♦ The Great Recession Knocks a Family out of the Middle Class
♦ Consumer Price Index Jumps 0.4% in May As Inflation Heats Up
♦ Corporations Scramble for Lowest Business Taxes by Shifting Income to Low Tax Countries
♦ Off Shoring Tax Loophole used by Apple, Inc. and others to avoid paying billions in U.S. Federal income taxes.

Start Time: 65:04

♦ War and Crisis in Iraq, the Disastrous U.S. Intervention in 2003 and the Danger of Intervention Today: 

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California-based Twitter’s Shares Surge as California’s Alternative Poverty Rate Is Highest in U.S.

Peter Mathews on KTLK AM 1150, the David Cruz Show: (Nov. 7, 2013) Day After IPO, Twitter shares jump 73%, while California is first in poverty with 23.8%.

Prof. Mathews says that while we can celebrate Twitter’s successful initial public offering shares’ surge by 73% in one day as a symbol of entrepreneurial success, the high poverty rate in California and the U.S. must give us pause for concern. When the U.S. Census Bureau’s alternative poverty measures were used, including the costs of housing, medical care, clothing, and utilities, as well as the value of non-cash government benefits such as nutrition assistance, housing assistance, and energy assistance, the U.S. poverty rate climbed from 15% to 16%, and the California poverty rate jumped from 16% to 23.8%, the highest of the 50 states. Mathews pointed out that according to these rates, 50 million Americans and 9 million Californians are living in poverty! The situation has gotten worse because of recent cuts in unemployment aid, housing assistance, Head Start, nutrition programs, and food stamps (SNAP program). Mathews insisted that “trickle down economics” (economic growth from the top down) does not work. He stated his conviction, based on historical and cross-national evidence, that the type of economic growth that is vigorous and sustainable must be growth from the ground up. For full economic growth and recovery to take place in California and the U.S., we must provide capital and lower taxes for small business while increasing the minimum wage, make education high quality and affordable, invest in green and new technology high paying jobs, rebuild our state and national infrastructure, and restore state and federal funding for important and valuable safety-net and social programs. Until federal and state governments close unproductive corporate tax loopholes and invests these billions of dollars in the U.S., our economy will stagnate and the American Middle Class will continue to shrink. Mathews has said that this is a danger to American democracy, prosperity, and the American Dream.

The latest statistics about both -Educational Scores in California were 47th in 4th and 8th grade testing of English and Math. –Poverty: We’ve got 4 million people more than we were officially told. What does this say about the Road Back, and What can Policy Makers Do to help us get back on our footing sooner. Poverty is connected to low scores.     [Listen]