KPFK Standing Up for Social and Economic Justice with Peter Mathews, ep1

KPFK SPECIAL PROGRAMMING | Riviting conversations with four top leaders of our time:  Dr. Michael Parenti, Activist for Social Justice and renowned Author of “Waiting for Yesterday: Pages from a Street Kid’s Life”; David Cobb, spokesperson for the Move to Amend Coalition (introducing the 28th Amendment stating Corporations are Not People and Money is Not Free Speech []; ♦ Pamm Larry of Label GMOs, introducing a ballot requiring the labeling of GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms (food)) []; with special mention to Mom’s Across America; and ♦ Pat Alviso of Military Families Speak Out []. With host Professor Peter Mathews [].

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Standing Up for Social Justice program credits:
Host: Peter Mathews
Producer: Alan Minsky
Co-Producer: Brett Covey
Audio Engineer: Gianna d’Angelo
Visuals Editor: Brett Covey