Peter Mathews on Weak Jobs Report; $225 Per Unit LBCC Tuition; 57% Female, 43% Male U.S. College Ratio

Peter Mathews on KTLK AM 1150, The David Cruz Show: Mathews analyzes economy, LBCC Winter $225 unit fee, college gender imbalance.

Professor Mathews sees the 148,000 jobs created in September as woefully inadequate for a strong economic recovery. He calls for closing the unproductive corporate tax loopholes to fund massive investment in low interest loans to small business, in technical, trade, and higher education, and in rehiring public workers such as firefighters, teachers, and police officers. This will kick start the U.S. and California economy and keep it humming.

Mathews notes that the Long Beach City College Board of Trustees vote on Tues. Oct. 22 to implement AB 955 and raise LBCC Winter tuition to $225 per unit is counterproductive for student access and for economic growth. Prof. Mathews suggests closing unproductive California corporate tax loopholes enjoyed by companies like Facebook and Apple, to fully fund Higher Education and reduce tuition fees, not raise them to $225 per unit. Mathews finally states that the 57% female to 43% male ratio imbalance should not be corrected by limiting women’s educational opportunity, but by addressing the barriers that boys face in K-12, barriers such as these: for every 100 girls in special ed. there are 217 boys; for every 100 girls expelled, there are 335 boys; for every 100 girls with learning disabilities, there are 276 boys; for every 100 girls emotionally disturbed, there are 324 boys.  [Listen]  (10 min.)