Peter Mathews Shows how to Recapture American Dream for Young People Who See a Different America

Peter Mathews on KTLK AM 1150, the David Cruz Show: (Sept.12, 2013). Government support for education and New Technology Jobs is the key, says Mathews. Lowered expectations of the American Dream by many young Americans can be reversed says Professor Peter Mathews. What’s required is stronger State and Federal Government investment in public education from pre-school through college and university. Gov. Brown must veto AB 955 which calls for $200 per unit community college tuition for summer and winter sessions. Mathews says that cutting edge technology companies like Balqon Corporation that manufactures electric buses, trucks, tractors, and cranes will pave the way and create high paying jobs producing for the domestic and export markets if the U.S. Government will adopt supportive Industrial Policy.  (5 min.)  [Listen]