Peter Mathews: Appropriations Committee Must Bury AB 955’s $200/Unit Community College Tuition Fees

Peter Mathews on KTLK AM 1150, The David Cruz Show: Fri. Aug. 30 Calif. Senate Committee vote to support or oppose $200 unit fee is critical. Professor of American and California Government Peter Mathews noted that the California Senate Appropriations Committee will be deciding, after the end of the regular session, on Fri. Aug 30, whether to support AB 955 and send it on its way toward becoming law, or to stop it in its tracks. Mathews notes that the proposed law would allow California Community College Districts to implement plans to charge students $200 per unit (more than 4 times what students pay now) for Summer and Winter session classes. Mathews warned that this would put Higher Education out of the reach of Working Middle class students, and would further drag down the California economy. Mathews was also critical of the decision of the Long Beach Community College Board of Trustees’ decision to eliminate 11 Vocational and Technical Education Certificate programs on which many successful job seekers, including Veterans, rely. Professor Peter Mathews instead suggested closing the Oil Severance Tax loophole, which costs California $4 billion annually, and using that money to fully fund California Public Education, Kindergarten through College and University. When KTLK talk show host David Cruz asked what listeners could do to have their voices heard, Mathews gave out the phone number of the California Senate Appropriations committee so that those who wished could call and express themselves on the very important issue of AB 955’s $200 per unit, probably unconstitutional/illegal, Two-tiered Community College Tuition Fee System.      [Listen]  (10 min.)