President Obama’s College Rating Plan, Nasdaq’s Glitch Do not Explain Fundamental Problems in Education, Economy

Peter Mathews on KTLK AM 1150, The David Cruz Show: (Aug 22, 2013). State cuts in Education Funding, and lack of demand in the Economy are the culprits. Professor Peter Mathews says that many states have severely cut their spending on higher education, forcing students (and their parents) to: pay skyrocketing tuition fees and increase their debt, take longer to graduate because of cut class sections, and settle for lower paying jobs because of outsourcing and a sluggish economy. Mathews points out that the “recovery” from the Great Recession is anemic and sluggish because of government policies that promoted tax loopholes and outsourcing for Corporate Big Business while over taxing and reducing capital for Small Business, and reducing investment in Infrastructure and New Technology Jobs.    [Listen]  (10 min.)


{NOTE: This video is mislabled and needs to be replaced. Content of recording is accurate to the above information}