Mathews Analyzes Recent Jobs Report and Pres.Obama’s Speech on Tax Reform and Growing the US Economy

Peter Mathews on KTLK AM 1150, the David Cruz Show: President Wants to Close Corporate Tax Loopholes, Lower Tax Rate and Invest in Growth. (July 31, 2013). Professor Mathews says that 177,000 of the 200,000 jobs created were in the low paying Service Sector. Full economic recovery requires closing all the non-productive corporate tax loopholes, lowering the corporate tax rate, and using the new money to invest in Small Business Growth, Rebuilding Infrastructure (roads, bridges, water and sewer systems, schools, mass transit, etc.), High-tech Manufacturing, Job Training and Education. Mathews says President Obama’s economic proposals are a good beginning, but don’t go far enough. Peter Mathews calls for a 21st Century New Deal to overcome the Great Recession. Upcoming special election seats in order to re-acquire a 2/3 Super Majority in the State Assembly.  [Listen]  (7 min.)