Oil Drilling Coming to Hermosa Beach? Is Fracking Polluting Our Water and Ruining our Health?

Peter Mathews on KTLK AM 1150, The David Cruz Show: Chemicals in Fracking Fluid Injure Human Health. Gasland ll Movie Documents Dangers. Is oil drilling coming to Hermosa Beach? And is fracking polluting our water and ruining our health? Peter Mathews discusses the dangers of using chemicals and water to fracture rock to release natural gas and oil. This process has been shown to cause severe damage to human health, to cause earthquakes, and to contaminate drinking water. Yet, the California State Assembly defeated AB 1323, which would have placed a moratorium on fracking while safety studies were carried out.

E&B Natural Resources said they would not be using a process, called Fracking (Hydraulic Fracturing) to extract oil from as many as 30 wells they plan to put offshore of Hermosa Beach California. However, according to Mike Collins, a representative of Stop Hermosa Beach Oil, said they (E&B) refuse to put it in writing, reasoning that “Why do we need to put in writing something which we don’t plan to do?”

Peter Mathews said that we need a strategic plan that will move us toward Renewable Energy sources. California Assembly Bill AB 1323 was recently defeated that would have put a moratorium on fracking. It would not ban it, but stop it further to see if it was really going to affect our health. “The reason it got defeated” Peter said, “was because most of our California Assembly took money from the pro-fracking oil industry in their campaigns. The information he obtained is readily available at Maplight.org, a political watchdog group. David Cruz affirmed: Fracking has become great concern to coastal communities because the oil industry is putting this out as the best way for America to squeeze every drop out that we may have underneath our soil.     [Listen]  (9min)