Mathews Analyzes US Jobs Report; Criticizes Removal of Education Programs at Long Beach City College

Peter Mathews on KTLK 1150AM, The David Cruz Show:  Mathews claims 195,000 jobs created in June are not enough and mostly lower paying jobs. Peter Mathews points out that at the current pace of job creation it will take over 7 years to replace the 8.5 million jobs that would have been created by the pre-recession growth rate.  In the past year, an average of 182,000 jobs were created per month.  In the 1990’s economic recovery, 250,000 jobs were created per month. In the economic recoveries of the 1970’s and 1980’s, 400,000 jobs were created some months. These figures prove the anemic nature of the current economic recovery.  Mathews calls for massive investment in infrastructure, access to capital for small business, and reemployment of public workers such as teachers, fire fighters, and police officers, in order to rebuild the American economy and generate massive job growth. Elimination of key vocational education programs at Long Beach City College.  (9 min.)     [Listen]