Peter Mathews analyzes effects of Egypt Crisis on oil prices, need for alternative energy, money and politics, AB 955

Peter Mathews on KTLK AM 1150, The David Cruz Show: Mathews says we must develop alternative energy to reduce oil prices, and stop AB 955. Peter Mathews discusses his upcoming book about money and elections, Dollar Democracy: with Liberty  and Justice for Some.Ξ  He calls for solar, wind, and tide power as alternatives to fossil fuel, leaving us less vulnerable to Middle East upheavals such as the Crisis in Egypt. Professor Mathews calls for stopping Assembly Bill 955 which would raise Community College tuition to $200 per unit during summer and winter sessions. (9 min.)     [Listen] 

NOTES: 1) Peter Mathews spoke on CBS News about the Egyptian Crisis in January 2011. [Video]2) Book in progress- Dollar Democracy: with Liberty and Justice for Some. [Read Op-Ed]