Peter Mathews discusses the corrupting influence of Big Money on American Politics and Policies

Peter Mathews on KTLK AM 1150, the David Cruz Show: Wealthy special interests spent $6.2 billion on 2012 federal elections, get tax breaks, deregulation, and other favors while America middle class and the poor suffer. Working Americans like Frank Greenthaller (interviewed in this program segment) suffered without health coverage; Breanna Lane is left to walk around without part of her skull for three months because of a health insurance dispute. The U.S. economy is sluggish – many good jobs have been exported and are not returning. Schools and colleges suffer overcrowded classrooms and skyrocketing tuition. All of this occurred because many politicians cut taxes and provided favors for their wealthy donors. Peter Mathews outlines the problems and solutions faced by most Americans described in his soon to be released report, “Dollar Democracy: with Liberty and Justice for Some”. (8 min.)      [Listen]