Gov.Brown Calls for $1.3 Billion General Fund Reduction, Despite $4.5 Billion Increase in Revenues

Peter Mathews on KTLK AM 1150, the David Cruz Show: Brown’s budget is a $6 billion General Fund reduction since the 2007-2008 California budget. Mathews analyzed Governor Brown’s new 2013-2014 budget proposal. Mathews said that the Governor should use a portion of the $4.5 billion in extra revenue for investment in small business growth, rehiring teachers police officers and fire fighters, rebuilding California’s infrastructure, and a smaller portion for a Rainy Day Fund. Mathews also said that $7 billion is lost by the state annually because of the corporate offshore tax loophole. He said this and other loopholes must be closed to bring in several billion dollars to pay off California’s debt and invest in public education, K-12, colleges and universities. This investment will help us reduce K-12 class sizes, reduce college tuition, and provide economic opportunities for all Californians. [8 min]   [Listen]