Peter Mathews’ new book on Money in Politics, its negative effects on our lives, and how to change it.  DOLLAR DEMOCRACY: WITH LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR SOME; HOW TO RECLAIM THE AMERICAN DREAM FOR ALL 
–By Peter Mathews (2014)

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“Peter Mathews provides us with stories of his personal activism along with a cogent political analysis of what is happening to our country and our world. With clarity and courage, he fights against ‘Dollar Democracy’ on behalf of real democracy. Well written and well-informed, this book is a citizen’s weapon.”
–Michael Parenti, Ph.D., Yale University; author of Democracy for the Few, The Face of Imperialism, and Waiting for Yesterday.

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Join Peter Mathews on the “Head-On” Radio Program with Host, Project Unity websiteDavid Cruz. On AM 1150 KEIB, every Saturday, between 12 noon and 2pm as we dissect and debate the hot issues of the week: local, state and national. [Watch Video] [About Head-On]
KFI AM 640 July 13, 2014: 
Head On!  July 12, 2014:
KPFK July 3, 2014:
Head On! June 12, 2014: US Health Care worst in developed world. Ruling against teacher tenure won’t help schoolkids. Great Recession knocks family out of middle class. Consumer Price Index jumps with inflation. Corporations scramble for lowest business taxes by shifting income to low tax countries (Off Shoring Tax Loophole used by Apple, Inc. and others to avoid paying billions in U.S. Federal income taxes). Crisis in Iraq and danger of US intervention. [Detailed→]   [Listen]
Head On! June 14, 2014: Peter Mathews analyzes and discusses the 28th Amendment: Corporations are not people and money is not speech. Teacher tenure. Millenials over-whelmed by debt. House Majority leader Eric Cantor’s defeat by a Tea Party Candidate. [Listen]
Op-Ed: We need a ‘living wage’ (posted June 13, 2014): The Long Beach City Council recently considered raising the minimum wage to $13.26/hr. Peter Mathews asks, “When will our political and corporate leaders of today start re-applying these practical and ethical principles?” (published by the OC Register, Feb. 2014)
Head On! June 7, 2014: We have the LAUSD drowning at the top of our show, followed by Peter Mathews and Marisol Guerra tackling money and politics, and trending news respectively. [Listen]
Head On! May 31, 2014: Featuring Peter Mathews: Today with David Cruz, Gubernatorial hopeful Neel Kashkari on his bid for the big seat. [Listen]
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Peter Mathews Analyzes President Bush’s State of the Union Address – KNBC-TV

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  • Second Amendment and need for gun control
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