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Nov. 13, 2015. Thom Hartmann, TV host of “The Big Picture”, interviews author Peter Mathews, as part of the Great Minds Series, on Money in Politics, the coming presidential election, and his groundbreaking book, “Dollar Democracy: With Liberty and Justice for Some; How to Reclaim the American Dream for All.”, Free Speech TV, Pacifica stations. [Start: 30:10, Runtime: 30 minutes]

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On BBC 5 Live Breakfast, London, Peter Mathews talks about Trump, May, and Alleged Russian Hacking {radio}

January 5, 2017 | London – BBC Radio- 5 Live Breakfast – Peter Mathews, Professor of Political Science and Sociology, analyzes the EU-Russia-US equation, the President-elect Trump-Prime Minister Theresa May relationship, and implications of alleged Russian hacking of the Democratic National Committee, and Clinton Campaign Chairman John Podesta. (5min.17sec)

Peter Mathews Criticizes Senate Plan to Repeal Obamacare; Offers Single Payer Alternative {131}

January 6, 2017 | Sky News TV London – Peter Mathews, Professor of Political Science and Sociology, and author of DOLLAR DEMOCRACY: WITH LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR SOME; HOW TO RECLAIM THE AMERICAN DREAM FOR ALL, explains how the Republican led U.S. Senate is attempting to dismantle Obamacare, without having a concrete plan to cover the 20 million Americans who would lose their health coverage. Professor Mathews offers the examples of Britain’s NHS and Canada’s Single-Payer Medicare For All systems as more comprehensive, humane, and efficient, producing better Health Outcomes such as lower Infant Mortality and higher Life Expectancy rates than the largely private Corporate dominated American Health Care System.

On TRT World TV, Peter Mathews Comments on President Obama’s Sanctions on Russia {130}

January 1, 2017 | TRT World Tv – Peter Mathews, Professor of Political Science and Sociology and author of DOLLAR DEMOCRACY: WITH LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR SOME; HOW TO RECLAIM THE AMERICAN DREAM FOR ALL, claims that sanctions imposed by President Obama on the head of Russia’s GRU Military Intelligence, and his deputies, will have minimal economic impact, since they rarely travel to the U.S. or own assets there. Mathews also predicted that Russia would respond with restraint, since it is hoping for greater normalization of relations with the U.S. under the soon-to-arrive Trump Administration. Mathews notes that some Members of Congress are calling for an official public inquiry into the alleged Russian hacking of the DNC and John Podesta, while President Obama is being pressed by some experts and news media to release hard evidence of his claims of Russian hacking, from a more detailed upcoming intelligence report ordered by the President. Finally, Professor Mathews points out that, unfortunately, the foundations of a new Cold War were laid in the early 1990s when NATO was expanded to the former Soviet border and took in the former Soviet Baltic Republics.

On TRT World TV, Peter Mathews Predicts and Explains Trump Electoral Vote Victory {129}

December 18, 2016 | TRT World Tv – The day before the Electoral College vote, Peter Mathews explains why Donald Trump will win the Electoral Vote by a large margin and become President, despite losing the popular vote to Hillary Clinton. He predicts that “Faithless” electors will be minimal and will not switch to Clinton. Mathews calls for abolishing the Electoral College, which has outlived its purpose.

How Donald Trump won the US Presidential election {128}

November 17, 2016 | Sky News – Peter Mathews provides a clear analysis of Donald Trump’s Presidential Election Victory, and Mathews explains how he was one of the few political analysts who predicted the results as a distinct possibility.

Peter Mathews on TRT World TV Panel: Trump’s Victory {127}

November 9, 2016 | TRT World News – On the day after Trump’s Presidential victory, Professor Peter Mathews (at 10:14, at 17:51, and at 19:46) joins a U.S. Ambassador, and two leaders of the Democrats Abroad and Republicans Abroad, to discuss President-elect Donald Trump’s Victory and its ramifications. Mathews sees Bernie Sanders’ emphasis on jobs and rebuilding the working and middle classes as a big part of the present picture.

On KNBC-TV, Peter Mathews Analyzes President Bush’s State of the Union Address
January 29, 2003 | KNBC-TV Los Angeles – Peter Mathews gives his analysis of issues presented by President Bush in his 2003 State of the Union Address: Mathews cautions the President against invading Iraq; Other issues include Bush’s proposed tax cuts, Medicare Reform, and Prescription Drug benefits.


Peter Mathews Explains the Results of the 2002 U.S. Congressional Election
Published December 31, 2010 | KNBC-TV Los Angeles – Peter Mathews, Professor of Political Science, American Government, and International Relations analyzes the nationwide outcome of the 2002 United States Congressional Elections and their implications.

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